Olha Kovalevska

Trainerin Kunstlauf

ECB-Trainerin Olha Kovalevska



  • 2012 Kiev, Ukraine: worked with Aleksander Artyschenko, national trainer for pair and single skaters
  • 2015 Oberstdorf Germany: moved to work with Alexander König, national trainer for pair skaters
  • 2017 Bachelor of Sport, National University of Physical Education and Sports of Ukraine with Specialization in Fitness Training for Skaters and Nutrition

Competitive Achievement

  • Medal winner at the Cup of Ukraine
  • Gold (2013)and , Silver (2015 and 2016)
  • 5th Annual Youth Winter Games – 5th Place

Professional Experience

Oberstdorf Germany, Figure Skating Coach 2015-2017

Instructed skaters ranging from children to competitive Senior Ladies, and prepared for competitions.

  • Skating technique, spins, jumps, steps
  • Choreography
  • Planned and provided private lessons to skaters based on their skills and needs.
  • Managed the health and the safety of the skaters by providing supporting fitness training and dietary recommendations.

Language Skills

Ukrainian, English, German, Russian